How to get your bill consolidated with bad credit?

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The first step to getting your bills consolidated with a loan is to get all of your monthly bills in order. Any bill that has a balance and an interest rate you need to use. Make sure you have your last monthly statement for each bill and make sure they contain the total amount owed, your interest rate and your monthly payment.

Step 2

Once you have all of your monthly statements put together you need to find a bank or credit repair shop to give you a loan.


Step 3

There are some companies that also counsel you on spending habits and receive federal funds to help consolidate bills for those with both good and bad credit. If you go to google and search for “bad credit loan consolidation” you can see many options here. A few major companies I recommend are in the resource section below.

Step 4

Make sure you bring all bill statements when you go for a meeting so they know exactly what they are working with. The more you tell the adviser the better they can assist you


Gearing Up for Your First Unsecured Credit Card

The recent credit crunch inevitably made it less easy to get your hands on a new or even your first credit card. Many people now consider a credit card as one of the things that they just can’t live without, thanks to how easy it makes paying for items. They also mean you can buy large expensive items without carrying around a large wad of cash that could be stolen or even lost.


In order to get a credit card your will need a good credit rating. Secured credit cards are available for nearly anyone but require that you only spend what you hand over initially, so, in effect, you don’t go into credit at all. These are very similar to debit cards which will only work if the Fast Money Loans is available in your bank account.

An unsecured credit card essentially means that you can spend money that you don’t have and are useful in an emergency or if there is something you need urgently which you don not have the time to save for. You can then pay for the item over a couple of months or longer if you so wish.


For people with poor credit rating or no credit rating, getting hold of an unsecured credit card can be difficult, if not impossible. A secured credit card may be a way to actually improve your credit rating putting you in a position to get an unsecured one.

The secured credit card will also be an opportunity to get into good habits when it comes to using a credit card. If you approach your initial limit as one that will not be extended, and hopefully one that will never be reached, you will be able to prove to yourself and a lender that you are responsible enough to be allowed the credit. Making sure you are backed up to your full limit every month or within just a few months is extremely good practice, as this will reduce your interest rates when it comes to using an unsecured card.


You may actually find that you don’t want an unsecured credit card at all after using a secured card; after all, who wants to get into debt anyway, and you can still buy large purchases without the need for cash. However, you could also have the advantage of an improved credit score, so that if disaster strikes or you fancy that round the world trip, there’s nothing stopping you from getting your unsecured card.

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