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For people who are worried approximately a secured card that reviews as “secured,” read this publish: Does the FICO Score Treat Secured Credit Cards Differently? The short answer is that it received’t negatively impact your credit rating in any respect. In the submit, I additionally speak approximately why a card that reviews as secured isn’t always a terrible element.

Okay, so I reviewed the prices and expenses of every card and even took into attention some intangibles, including customer support and the opportunity to graduate to an unsecured credit card. With nearly any credit score card you have got, mainly when you’re in a rebuilding (or organising) credit score mode, you’ll come upon troubles on occasion.


I study loads approximately customer support and other problems from all of the emails and remarks I get from readers. I recognize this precious records and it helps others, too.

How to apply this listing

The purpose is to get the high-quality card that you may qualify for. It has a tendency to be greater hard to get accepted for the secured credit score cards from the principal banks and from different top-tier cards, specifically in case you’ve had a recent financial disaster. Don’t despair if you can’t qualify for a card within the pinnacle tier. Get the satisfactory card you could qualify for and awareness on using the cardboard responsibly to build or restore your credit score.

I positioned them in a ranked order to give you an idea of which cards to observe first, 2d, 0.33, and so forth. But it’s greater vital to focus at the tier and not the particular variety ranking at this point. For instance, a #7 card isn’t light-years higher than a #8 card when you consider that they’re both taken into consideration pinnacle-tier playing cards. But if you can qualify for #7, that might be a higher choice.

Now, the secured cards in the center tier aren’t too bad. I put cards in this category that aren’t from prestigious banks, but which are easier to reap. These playing cards additionally have restricted charges as compared to the cards within the bottom tier.


If you most effective qualify for a card inside the bottom tier, you want to be for your toes and be privy to what you’re dealing with. Keep in mind that I actually have a number of recommendations on my web page to help you continue to exist the experience whilst you rebuild your credit. I take into account that there are situations where you virtually can’t qualify for better alternatives right now.

If you want extra data approximately a card, simply click on on the card call and also you’ll land on my overview. I advise you examine the remarks, too. You’ll discover beneficial hints and insider information from folks that are using the card which you’re considering. If you’re interested in a secured card that isn’t in this list, shoot me an electronic mail and request a card assessment. I’m happy to do it!


The Top 20:

1: Navy Federal Credit Union nRewards Secured Card

You get a variable APR starting from 8.99 percent to 18.Zero percent. You can earn rewards at the rate of one factor for each dollar spent. There’s no annual price, that’s wonderful. To be eligible for this card, you have be in the military or related to a person who’s. You also are eligible if you’re retired from the army or in case you’re related to someone who served and has retired.


2: Discover it Secured Credit Card

What I like approximately it: You get the same rewards as the unsecured model and there’s no annual fee. The charge is a little excessive. You get a variable 23.24 percentage APR. Don’t convey a balance, even though, and it received’t depend. You can earn rewards at the same time as rebuilding credit. And Discover has shown that if parents do an awesome activity with this, they’re inclined to graduate secured cardholders to an unsecured card. Yay for that!


Credit bureaus: It was stated as unsecured, however now it reports as secured. This doesn’t exchange my opinion of the cardboard. It’s nevertheless one of the great secured cards you could get.

3: SDFCU Savings Secured Visa Platinum Card

You get a variable fee of seven.24 percent, that’s remarkable for this class. There’s additionally a rewards program. You get 1 Flexpoint for each dollar spent. There’s no annual charge. Note: There was no credit check. But my contact there has instructed me your credit score will now be checked to confirm your identity. I turned into also advised that no matter your credit fame, almost absolutely everyone gets authorized.


4: Capital One Secured MasterCard Credit Card

You get a variable charge of 24.Ninety nine percent and there’s no annual rate. Don’t carry a stability and that is a low-price card. Capital One doesn’t charge foreign transaction costs , so if you have horrific (or restrained) credit and you want to tour foreign places inside the near future, this is a good choice. CapOne has also proven a willingness to graduate secured cardholders to an unsecured card.


5: USAA Secured Credit Cards

This issuer gives secured credit score playing cards from Visa and from American Express and the costs and charges are the identical. You get a variable rate of 10.15 percent to twenty.15 percentage. The annual rate is $35 in keeping with 12 months and there are not any overseas transaction costs. There’s also a rewards program, that is pleasant. To be eligible for this card, you have got be inside the navy or related to someone who is.


6: Wells Fargo Secured Card

You get a variable price of nineteen.24 percent. The annual charge is $25 according to year. If you operate the card responsibly, you’ll be taken into consideration for an unsecured credit card. I like it!


7: U.S. Bank Secured Visa Card

You get a variable charge of nineteen.49 percent. The annual price is $29 in keeping with yr. Some readers have reported that they graduated to an unsecured credit score card from U.S. Bank after 365 days, but in many instances, they needed to initiate the cellphone call and ask.


8: BankAmericard Secured Credit Card

You get a variable rate of 21.24 percent. The annual price is $39 in line with yr. BoA problems completely-secured credit playing cards as well as in part-secured credit score cards, relying to your credit score records and score. If you operate the cardboard responsibly, you’ll be considered for an unsecured credit score card after twelve months of accountable use)..


9: Citi Secured Mastercard

You get a variable price of 21.99 percent. The annual fee is $25 in step with year. You not should follow in person at a department. You can now practice for it on line. If you have a records of bankruptcy within the past two years, it’s not going you’ll be accepted. This provider does graduate folks after you operate the secured card responsibly. There’s no set timetable, but it seems to be round 12 to 18 months.


10: Primor Secured Visa Classic Card

You get a fixed charge of thirteen.Ninety nine percent and the once a year rate for the classic card is $39. There’s additionally a primor Secured Visa Gold Card version and it has a nine.Ninety nine percentage fixed price and a $forty nine annual rate. It’s uncommon nowadays to see a credit card with a fixed price. The provider claims assured approval in case your month-to-month earnings exceeds your prices by using at the least $100. They additionally say they don’t check your credit score (simplest a tender inquiry). A few commenters have confirmed this.


11: Unity Visa Secured Credit Card

You get a hard and fast rate of 17.Ninety nine percentage. That’s pretty appropriate. The annual rate is $39. This is a first rate card, but be careful for the fees and the customer service.


12: First National Bank Secured Visa Card Review

This card is issued via First Bankcard, that is a division of the First National Bank of Omaha. You get a variable 18.24 percentage APR and there’s no annual fee. Moving to an unsecured card in a year or so is a opportunity.


13: Harley-Davidson Visa Secured Credit Card

Here’s any other card issued by U.S. Bank. Even in case you aren’t a biker, you might like this card. The APR is a variable 23.24 percent. The annual fee is zero. Don’t carry a balance and the value of this card is zero.


14: Merrick Bank’s Secured Visa Card

You get a variable price of 17.70 percentage. This is a quite appropriate charge for this class. There doesn’t appear to be a manner for graduating to an unsecured card. But with responsible card use, you might be supplied a risk to use for an unsecured card with Merrick Bank.


15: DCU Visa Paltinum Secured Credit Card

You get a variable price of 11.Seventy five percent. Not terrible! And there’s no annual fee. I’ve been getting mixed critiques from readers about this card. So regardless of the exceptional fee, this card is at the bubble between the top tier and the middle tier.


16: Open Sky Secured Credit Card

You get a variable charge of 17.Sixty four percentage and the annual rate is $35 consistent with yr. Reports to all 3 most important credit bureaus. No credit take a look at and no bank account is vital.


17: AeroMexico Visa Secured Card

This card is likewise issued with the aid of U.S. Bank. You get a variable 23.24 percentage APR. The annual price is $25, however waived for the primary 12 months. You also get rewards. It appears which you might be presented an unsecured card in case you use the secured card responsibly. But it’s no longer a commencement, so you must follow for the unsecured card.


18: Fifth Third Bank Secured Card

You get a variable charge of 24.24 percentage and the annual rate is $24 consistent with 12 months. Reports to all three fundamental credit bureaus. There’s a 29.99 percentage penalty fee, so make certain you pay your bill on time.


19: SunTrust Secured Card

You get a variable 20.24 percentage APR and the yearly fee is $32. An improve to an unsecured card isn’t automated, however you can make the request when you’ve used the secured card responsibly. No time frame become given, however assume as a minimum a 12 months.


20: Union Bank Secured Visa Card

The preceding message on their website: Coming Soon: Exciting new credit cards from Union Bank. Well, I simply reviewed the new secured card. I don’t understand if I’d name it exciting, however I do like their enthusiasm for the goods. Now, you get a variable charge of 19.24 percent and an annual rate of $25. Previously, there was no credit test, but I don’t see that declare on the website now.

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